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BiBo Milano is pleased to begin the collaboration with the artist:

Christelle LINK.

She was born in 1976 in Alsace, France.

As a child, she was secretly enraptured by a print of the Garden of Earthly Delights. Gironimo Bosch. This first encounter with art, at the GP, was a real click. It is precisely at this moment that art enters her life, never to leave again. Christelle LINK has always been sensitive to the image (in the broad sense of the term): paintings, to the personalities of the artists, including the scenography of photos of fashion, cartoons, comics or even advertising, etc. The artist was deeply marked by the abundance of images that surrounded him and that made her dream. There, in fact, she found a way to escape and get rich.

The detailed observation of each of these images was her first inspiration to draw and paint with tempera. Self-taught, she is interested in the world of art through books and regularly visiting museums and exhibitions. She was fascinated by the atypical universe and free personality of Dalì, the evolutionary journey of Picasso, the warm colors of Matisse, the poetry of Chagal and the spirituality of Boticelli. Through the eyes of these artists you discovered that art is a means of limitless freedom to be yourself and a support to freely express your feelings, emotions and imagination. After various professional experiences, Christelle LINK created her laboratory over 35 years to realize her childhood dream: to be an artist and live a second life. She likes oil painting and she also uses acrylic or inks. colors. At 45 years old, with an abundant imagination, Christelle LINK, offers a singular and playful universe, in which human beings are present in environments of high profile colors, full of natural symbols, to remind us of our belonging to a living whole. She shares her personal and spiritual journey, her joy and kindness by interpreting universal humanist values such as secularism, freedom, equality, fraternity.

In 2017 she was the guest of honor at the Blou'Art exhibition in Thuyets and this is her first. This recognition encouraged him to pursue her artistic approach. In 2020, Nicole Esterolle integrated it into her museum. The same year she was selected among 4000 international artists for the #supportsanartist auction organized by the Taylor Foundation with Artension and Commissioner Rouillac. 400 artists participated including Combas, Banksy, Ernest Pignon Ernest. This selection and sale of her works simultaneously with those of great contemporary artists honors her creative path and her professionalism.

In 2022 the artist will participate in numerous solo exhibitions in Nice, Levens, Vals Les Bains…

* Website:

* Facebook and Instagram: @christellelink

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BiBo Milano is pleased to begin the collaboration with the artist:


Alessio Raffaelli.

alias BOMBI was born in Genoa in 1978 and from an early age approached the world of art, ranging from music to painting and sculpture.

After art high school he continued with the academic experience in the fine arts faculties of Carrara and then Genoa in decoration / painting.

After various evolutions of styles, today he has conceived a pop message, fresh and always with attention to colors and spaces.

Currently in his paintings we find the use of various materials such as acrylics, plasters, resins, wood glitters and other recycled materials....

Instagram: bombi_art_lab

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BiBo Milano is pleased to start the collaboration with the artist:

Alessandro Parodi.


Born in Carrara in 1986. Third generation of sculptors, graduated as a marble technician, he began his career in 2005 in the Nicoli artistic studios constantly under the watchful eye of his father.

He specializes in the processing of marble according to the traditional techniques of the old sculptors.

Collaborates in the creation of works by the most prestigious contemporary artists.

He currently collaborates with the Mosti Art Sculptures studios, and continues to create marble artistic works.

For some months he has been collaborating exclusively with Bibo Milano for the creation of works depicting the greyhound breeds.

The exclusive use of Carrara marble is a fundamental part of this project which begins with the representation of the little Italian greyhound.

The works, rigorously handmade, will be available in a limited / numbered edition and on request.

Base measures 16 cm x 20 cm thickness 4 cm

Measurements Statue Height 30 cm

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BiBo Milano is pleased to start the collaboration with the artist:

La Spada Salvatore.


Sicilian by origin, Piedmontese by adoption, passionate about dog lovers for about 40 years.

Together with their wife they raise Spinoni, their kennel is among the oldest and most prestigious in Italy.

Salvatore has an passion .... "The Sculpture".

He has been using for years, for the realization of his works, different materials such as ceramic, bronze, steel and silver.

All his works of him mainly depict dogs, of any breed, but in particular he is a lover of Greyhounds,

this is why he chose Bibo Milano to exhibit and propose his works.

In his opinion, the Greyhound is a very beautiful and elegant breed.

In addition to portraying them in action, he also tries to capture their typical expressions.

In addition, on commission he performs representational works.

Salvatore is mainly self-taught, but his works are appreciated and exhibited at prestigious breeders and dog lovers all over the world.

The result of each work is the fruit of his infinite passion! 

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