" BIBO "  

IIt is the only touchpoint specialized in Sighthounds present throughout Italy.

It produces and resells the best products and accessories for Sighthounds on the world market.

Bibo Milano is maximum availability and competence.

Over 15 years in the industry.

Bibo Milano is not just a collar for greyhounds, whippets and Italian Greyhounds, but a lifestyle.

Bibo Milano is finesse and lightness, two concepts closely linked to this pure, faithful and noble breed.

Bibo Milano products are made by combining functionality and aesthetics with the choice of the best materials.

The intent is to convey our unconditional love for man's best friend with elegance, style and attention to detail.

Bibo (pictured) is also our life partner... Together with Mr Ghib, Spot and Nala.

"Tiberio del Barone Rampante aka Bibo"

Real Store

In our new Store, larger and more welcoming than the previous one, located in the center of Marina di Massa in the splendid Tuscany you can find, try and request anything related to the World of Greyhounds.

You can also see various works of art, paintings, sculptures in marble and ceramics, even jewels made by different artists always related to the world of greyhounds which can also be viewed on the site in the "Art Box" section

We are official resellers of the most prestigious brands.


We make everything you need for your Greyhound on order. Dog beds, blanket and bags are completely handmade and all removable and washable at 30 °.

Contact us for a quote.

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Leather jewelry for all kind of greyhounds. Made with 100% genuine leather in Milan, Italy. 


The PARACORD is also used for leashes and is used in the manufacture of parachutes, to connect the cap with bells and harnesses. It is a very resistant rope, tested to withstand tears and very strong stresses. 

Handwoven perfectly matches the leather of our collars.


For rings, carabiners, rivets, and buckles we use only 100% real brass made in Italy