How to measure your dog for the collar.

To measure a collar correctly, you need to measure the circumference of the dog's neck. The circumference of the neck corresponds to the third hole (C), therefore, if the dog is still growing or indeed losing weight, you must use the holes A, B or D, E. The following figure explains how to measure the right size of the collar.

Warning ! After measuring the circumference of the dog's neck, add nothing to this figure. Enter the exact measurement of the neck circumference! If your dog is a puppy or a young dog that is still growing, you must realize that after some time the collar will become tight.

How to choose the size of the Greyhound's martingale or semi-strait collar

In order to choose the perfect collar for your greyhound, you will need to measure with a seamstress meter the circumference of the head (point A), as shown in the photo,  including also its ears and add to the final measurement cm. 1, so that you can tuck it without creating annoyance to the dog and at the same time you can not parade in case of twisting of the head.

Then measure the neck part to half height (point B), with both sizes, choose the most suitable size.

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    •  - Medium (size shown on product datasheets)
    • - Large  (size shown on product datasheets)

How to measure a dog for a muzzle

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