Padded raincoat MICHAEL COOLRAIN Color Magenta Tg. S1

Size S1


Category: Rain collection

Warm raincoat for greyhound breeds, useful on rainy days in early spring and autumn. Unique material in solid colors with huge reflective markings. Simple shape originally formed, long cap with lead holes. The velcro closure under the belly is very easy to put on and take off.

The lightweight upper material is coated with a waterproof PUR layer. It is breathable and water resistant, slightly elastic and very pleasant to the touch. The lining is made of premium long-pile fleece with a luxurious look and feel.


See the table in the product gallery. The "A" (RED) is the length of the dog's back. It is measured from the shoulders to the point before the start of the tail. Don't measure your neck, don't measure your tail! The "B", "C", ... (BLUE) describe the actual measurements of the suit (not the dog!).

Measure your back length and choose the corresponding size. So check out the other measurements, if they fit your dog's body.

Don't forget to check the pictures - you will see how the suit should fit the dog's body and also what type of dogs it is aimed at and what type of body and tail the dogs have in the pictures.

It is possible that this coat will not fit your dog!

Sizes derive from greyhound breeds: S sizes are for Whippet whippets (S2 std. Female, S3 std. Male). M for sloughies, salukies etc., L for Greyhound, Borzois etc.

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