T-SHIRT Mod. QUINTO Red / black

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Sporty thermal knit underwear. Well warming, antibacterial, soft material. Outward-facing, brightly colored seams protect dog's skin. Sporty form close to the body, mainly covering the back and lower chest.


See chart in product gallery. The "A" (RED) is the back length of the dog. It is measured from the shoulders to the point before the start of the tail. Don't measure the neck, don't measure the tail! The "B", "C", ... (BLUE) describe the actual measurements of the wetsuit (not the dog!).

Measure the length of the back and choose the corresponding size. Then check the other measurements, if they fit your dog's body.

Don't forget to check the photos: you will see how the suit should fit the dog's body and also what type of dog it is for and what type of body and tail the dogs in the photos have.

This coat may not fit your dog!

Sizes are derived from greyhound breeds: S sizes are for Whippet Whippets (S2 std. female, S3 std. male). M for Sloughies, Salukies etc., L for Greyhounds, Borzois etc.

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